• The unique balance of knowledge and skills that exists among the founders’ personal experiences and careers as a licensed securities broker, a proven executive, a litigation attorney, and as professional athletes. The knowledge and experience of the Vice Presidents and advisory board to govern the following departments: Financial Planning, Legal Representation, Accounting, Marketing and Post Career Development.
  • Our relationship with sports agents who share the same corporate mission and thereby enhance the service we provide to our clients on and off the field.
  • The knowledge and experience of our founders and advisory board to execute a skills training program that utilizes character building workshops to build up and polish student athletes and/or seasoned professionals
  • Our strategic relationships with community schools that focus on developing character enriched student athletes.
  • Respect for employees and commitment to the philosophy that our clients are “desired” individuals.
  • Consideration for our communities and the families among us.

All securities through Money Concepts Corp. Member FINRA / SPIC. GWSM is an independent firm not affiliated with Money Concepts Capital Corp.